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Koreanderia Cupbop – 4 Reasons to Try this Affordable Korean Food in Cebu

Koreanderia Cupbop – Food Trial

Welcome to another segment of Food Trial! Where we put restaurants and eateries to the test.

The Defendant:

Our eatery of choice for the day is the “Koreanderia Cupbop” located in Parkway Food Strip, Velez College, F. Ramos Street, Cebu City. Chances are you have heard of this place before as they got featured in several popular blogs back then. However, If you’re one of the pack who haven’t heard of it or haven’t been here yet, then read on as this post is exactly for you.


So, Koreanderia Cupbop is just one of the few food booths in the Parkway Food Strip. What makes this food booth interesting is that it offers korean food at a fairly low price. We’ll see if its quality goes up to par with the well known korean restaurants.

Check out their menu:

We’ve been here on two occasions. The first time we were here, we ordered 1 Samgyupsal Cupbob, 2 Fish Cakes, 1 Dakgangjeong, 1 Ddeokbokki, 1 Kimchi and 2 of their signature drinks as they said these were their bestsellers. The second time around we retained the Fish Cake and Ddeokbokki as they were great appetizers and ordered 1 Pork Bulgogi Cupbop and 1 Ham & Cheese Kimbop plus 2 drinks.

On the first instance, we only spent ₱422.00 for the whole meal and on the second occasion we paid ₱346.00. Both times, almost half the price of a normal Korean restaurant full set.

The Verdict:

We charge this bistro guilty of being worth more than what you pay for.

And here are the 4 reasons why we came to this conclusion:

1.) It won’t break your wallet. We can’t stress this enough. The price is really budget-friendly. So if you get struck by a craving for Korean food and it’s been a week or two since payday, this should be your go-to place.

2.) The price doesn’t compromise the taste. Even though their prices are almost half their restaurant counterparts, the taste isn’t half bad. In fact, it can even go head to head with some of the established restos out there.

3.) You are going to enjoy the karenderia ambiance. One of cons maybe that you don’t get to grill your own meat unlike the usual setup for korean foodshops around here. But this korean bistro will definitely give you a more casual karenderia vibe which is different but not bad at all. It’ll make you feel less guilty if you munch too fast, which is perfect for some of us. You can be a little loud when you’re with your friends too.

4.) Easily accessible and parking is not a problem. You can simply ride 14D jeepneys if from Ayala Center or 04C ones if you’re from Colon area. If you have a car, parking is not a problem as there is an open space right beside the strip.

So there you have it, those are the 4 reasons why you should check out Koreanderia Cupbop. We walked out of there with our cravings satisfied and free of any guilt.

As always, don’t take our word for it. Go and taste it for yourself!

More useful information:
  • Contact No. – 0942 592 2988
  • Facebook Page – Koreanderia Cupbop
  • Operating Hours – 9:00AM to 8:45PM on Mondays to Fridays, 10:00AM to 8:45PM on Saturdays and 4:00PM to 8:45PM on Sundays.
  • For pricing please refer to the photo of the menu above.

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