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Korean Restaurant – 5 Reasons Why KAYA Korean BBQ is the Best in Cebu

Korean Restaurant – First Food Trial

Welcome to our very first Food Trial, where we put restaurants to the test and give our mouths some justice. Today, we’ll check out a relatively new Korean restaurant that has started to make waves around Cebu City.

The Defendant:

We visit KAYA, the Korean barbecue restaurant located at Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City. The place is near the now defunct Rainforest Park and just slightly across the Citi Park Hotel. We’ve heard rumors that this is one of the best korean restaurants  in Cebu. Today, we’ll figure out if it’s true.

KAYA Korean Restaurant
The Defendant: KAYA Korean BBQ Restaurant

The restaurant boasts its premium aging meat, which according to them is carefully aged in a tedious 14-day process. The process locks the flavor into the meat, giving it their signature taste.

Most of their meat dishes are priced ₱300.00-₱400.00 per serving ($5.74 to 7.66 USD), with a minimum of 2 orders. In our case, we ordered the samgyupsal and herb samgyupsal which is ₱300.00 each. Later on, we also added 2 bowls of rice which is ₱50.00 per bowl. The rice is the sticky korean version by the way also called the glutinous short grain rice , it feels slightly heavier and starchier, so you’d probably be fine with just 1 bowl even if you’re a heavy rice eater like me. Our total bill was ₱700.00. ($5.76)


Our verdict:

We charge this restaurant guilty of Absolute Perfection.

Here are the 5 reasons why we came to that conclusion, and 5 reasons why you should check them out too:

1) First of all, we love the ambience of the place. It is classy with the touch of a radiant feel despite the chairs and wares being dominantly black. You’d feel a bit luxurious just being here and it’s definitely more elegant than it’s closest counterparts.

2) The prices are reasonable to affordable at best. Sure, ₱700.00 seems much compared to the usual korean restaurants here, but you’ll definitely get what you pay for. Side dishes are abundant and the serving size is quite reasonable. It’ would be hard to find another affordable korean restaurant in Cebu with the same caliber as this restaurant.

3) Everything they have is delicious. When they say premium aging meat, they mean premium world-class tasty meat. Since the meat gets cooked right in front of you, it would be really hard to stop yourself from drooling. In my case, my mouth watered the whole time and all of the happy hormones came rushing to my brain on my first bite. It’s one of the tastiest samgyupsal I’ve ever tasted and Dianne definitely agrees. Even the side dishes are topnotch. The egg soup and japchae are my personal favorites. No shortage of egg with the egg soup, and the japchae had the tastiest fish cakes in it. Seriously, you can’t even go wrong with anything on their menu.

4) The customer service is first-rate. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. In fact, when we were there the owner was the one who very friendly greeted us and guided us to a perfect spot. The wait time is not too long and in fact, the side dishes get served almost instantaneously.

5) For those who have cars, no need to worry about parking. They have a very wide parking space just right outside courtesy of Bonifacio District.

So there you have it, those are the 5 reasons why you should check out KAYA restaurant. We walked out of there happy customers and thinking of coming back for more next time.

We give it a solid 5/5 hearts ❤❤❤❤❤

Don’t take our word for it though. We highly suggest you give them a try and see (or taste) for yourself.

2018-03-28 12.48.26 1.jpg
Satisfied customers right here

More pictures of their mouthwatering dishes from their facebook page:

For reservations and further inquiries, you can contact them through their:

Facebook Page: KAYA Korean BBQ Restaurant

Email: kayakoreanbbq.cebu@gmail.com

Contact No.: 0917 324 1070

Operating Hours:  5:00PM-6:00AM, 7 Days a Week


“Don’t bite off more than you can chew” – Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Korean Restaurant – 5 Reasons Why KAYA Korean BBQ is the Best in Cebu

  1. Big fan of korean food and living in Cebu for almost 2 years now. I could tell just from the post this restaurant is worth a visit. Will try anytime soon. Thanks for this!

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