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I-Cha Dessert Cafe – Survive Summer Heat With This Sweet Treat

I-cha Bingsu Dessert Cafe

It’s summer time! Our favorite time of the year. It’s the best time to go to the beach and even the mountains. Basically, everyone just roams around and finding a place to chill. That’s great for us wanderers but it’s not all fun and games though. If you’re in a tropical country like the Philippines, the intense heat is going to wear you out. That is why we need to cool down once in a while. What better way to cool down than some sweet dessert?

I-cha Dessert Cafe
Watcha gonna do with the dessert?

Dessert Time!

Us Filipinos love ice cream and halo-halo (and we’re about to feature some real soon). We have all probably tried every halo-halo stand in our vicinity, and we always keep coming back, am I right Filipinos? But what if you want to try something new? Something that tastes foreign yet close to home at the same time. How about a cool dessert originally from Korea?

Well then you’re in luck because the best korean dessert cafe is here. Meet the I-Cha Bingsu Dessert Cafes in Cebu City!

What is Bingsu?

I-Cha Dessert Cafe

Before we tell you about the cafe, let us tell you what bingsu is first. Bingsu is a popular dessert in South Korea that is consists of shaved ice, chopped fruits, fruit syrups, condensed milk, ice cream, red beans and other variety of ingredients. If that sounded familiar to you, that’s because we just mentioned halo-halo earlier. And yes, it is like a Korean version of halo-halo.

The Cafes

I-Cha Bingsu Dessert Cafe has just recently opened its branch in SM Seaside City. It is located on the 3rd floor near the Sky Hall. Its first branch opened in Rosedale Suites, Talamban; which is right between University of San Carlos and Doña Rita Village. They also have a branch near Cebu Doctor’s University. We have been to their first cafe before and we really loved the experience. That is why we were really excited when we knew that they have put up one in SM Seaside City too.

When we got there, we immediately noticed that the one in SM is a lot bigger than the one in Talamban. It also had cute cubicles or small rooms which was really cozy and it’s perfect if you are coming with some friends. It was also livelier since they played some korean songs and some pop songs while we were there. However, if I were a student and would love to utilize a cafe as a study area, I would prefer the I-Cha in Talamban, as it is quieter.


The Taste of I-Chaa Bingsu

According to one of their posters, I-cha means “Oh, It’s so cold”, which is only fitting. Since I came with Dianne and James, we decided to order different flavors and share, so that we can taste three different flavors. They have two sizes for their desserts that would be “Cup(solo)” or “Dish (2-3 persons)”. We decided to order the solo sizes of Injeolmi (₱130.00), Oreo (₱150.00) and Mango Bingsu (₱190.00). All of which  The bingsu made us say “Sweet Mercy!” because it tasted so darn good. I love how they generally poured milk all over it, making it really creamy from top to bottom. They will also give you condensed milk so you can control the sweetness of your dessert. Among the three flavors that we picked, I would say the Oreo is my favorite, but if you really want an authentic korean dessert experience, then I would really suggest you try the Injeolmi or Premium Injeolmi.



Anyway, during our first time at I-Cha Talamban, we tried their Injeolmi and Black Forest. It’s pretty good too, that’s why I don’t think you can go wrong with any flavor. So it’s best to check several of them out. I actually loved the Injeolmi better here as it had more nuts and add-ons. Maybe the new one in seaside is still on the adjustment phase, but anyway, there’s only a tad difference.


Check out all their flavors:

I-Cha Dessert Cafe - Bingsu Flavors
Bingsu Flavors

Other than their bingsu they also sell pizza, noodles, cakes and other light meals. I suggest you check out their Cream-Tteok Pizza, Black Noodles and some of their cheesecakes.


Whatever flavor, dish or dessert you pick, I’m sure I-Cha has enough to calm your senses and satisfy your sweet tooth. But then again, as I always say, don’t take our word for it and try it for yourself. Check out your nearest I-Cha Cafe now and survive the summer heat.


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