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Category: Food

Food is life.

That statement couldn’t be more true. It is indeed a necessity, sometimes even more. That’s why here in Chew and Wander, we share our passion for food to people. Well, we would love to share actual food though, but there’s just no way to do that right now. So instead, we’ll just give ideas on where to eat next, what to eat and in the near future, we’ll give you some recipes so you can cook too.

Watch out for our Food Trials as we judge the reputable and the up-and-coming restaurants in Cebu City and even(hopefully soon) around the world.

Check out Too Good to be Chew posts as we feature irresistible treats from ice cream stands to big time cafes.

In the future, you can check out Chew It Yourself, where you can get easy to follow recipes. You can even get them chew-go. No? too much pun? Fine.

Anyway, we’re glad to have you with us here and we hope you enjoy our posts.